Library System


This product provides effective management of all library details of catalogue maintenance and help you track what you have in your library, where it is and total value of your collection.

It has a wide range of fields enabling you to catalogue a wide range of information: Author, Title, Publisher, Publish Date, No. of pages, Editor, Supplier, Order No., Bill No., Price, Accession No. etc. The main features of the product are :

  • Books Category Master.
  • Assigning books to the catalogues.
  • Member Master.
  • Defining rules for issue of books (ie. Duration for which books are issued on membership type).
  • Issuing of books to the member subjected to the limit defined in the rules.
  • Issuing notice to the defaulters (who have not honoured the rules.
  • Deposit processing.
  • Fine collection.
  • Books purchase.
  • Report on availability and unavailability of books and for how long the books are not available.
  • Daily statement of books issued and deposited.
  • Browing the books (Author, Publication and Catalogue wise).
  • Reports on purchases of books.